Wednesday, December 5, 2007

20 Weeks

I haven't had much to say about my gym life lately. I'm in the holiday mode, where I'm not paying that much attention to what I eat. I just make sure I eat every 3 hours or so. I plan to just get by until after New Years. The good news is I'm not gaining any weight from my sloppy diet.

The lifting part is still good. I feel like I'm gaining a little strength. I still have time to change my mind, but the plan is still to enter the Empire Classic in April. That would be 20 weeks away. If I'm brave enough I'll post some before pictures after the first of January.

Still Here

I return to my long dormant blog to post a link to Pharyngula. I just wanted to have this reference handy for my own use or to direct people to should I have need.

In a week and a half I'll be visiting my parents. I suppose we will have the atheist chat sometime over the weekend. I'll try to have a post about that after.