Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clever Lizards

I know this is a few days late (I was on vacation), but I thought this lizard was fascinating.

On a related note I just finished Sean B. Carrol's "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"(review). I've been working on improving my understanding of biology/genetics. I thought it was an excellent and informative read.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SDA offshoots in the News

I'm surprised I had never heard of this. It looks like they started out in the Northwest. I'm not sure what is about Seventh Day Adventists that make them easy cult fodder. But the Lord Our Righteousness Church isn't the first.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Looking Ahead

Well, some Empire Classic photos were posted at this weekend. It has taken a few days, but I'm getting over the embarrassment enough to post the link to my brief appearance. In my head I looked much better than I did in the pictures. I may have looked a bit better at the pre-judging as well. I'd had a few meals and some water before those shots.

Now a week removed from the event I'm somewhat uncertain about how I want to proceed. On one hand I have a NPC card that is paid for and good until the end of 2008. Which makes the Nov. 8 show in Olympia tempting. On the other hand is the fact that I was too tall for lightweight and I weighed 141, which is bantam weight, and I still needed to be leaner. I'd look like a beanpole next to a real bantam weight. Which makes taking a year or two off from competition to see if I can add some mass to my back and legs, seem tempting. I think I will get out the measuring tape and get some baseline measurements after vacation. Then come the end of Aug. I'll see if I've made any gains. Then I'll make the call on another show for this year.

Even though I didn't do as well as I'd hoped and I didn't look as good as I could have, I don't regret the experience. This quote popped up on my Google page today and I thought it applied.

The follies which a man regrets most, in his life, are those which he didn't commit when he had the opportunity.
- Helen Rowland