Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Road Warrior

I'm beginning to dislike traveling (for work). I love going places on my own schedule, but having to drop everything to fly across the country on someone else's time table is a drag. At home I was in a groove in the gym, I had my friends and mentors around helping me get started on the competition part and I had a good handle on my diet. Now I'm living out of a suitcase. I'm jet lagged. I have to find a new, strange gym. And I'm eating from my backpack or a restaurant.

To be fair I enjoy my routine lifestyle a little more than I should. I should just try to make this part of the challenge of training. The hotel fitness room will do in a pinch and there is a Bally's a mile down the street. I brought plenty of protein from home, so no excuses. I will sleep tonight and lift tomorrow. I'll workout about half as often as I would at home, and I'll when I'm done here I will be that much more excited to see my own gym again.


ERV said...

You know what Im surprised hasnt popped up in the supplement industry? Travel sized protein powder. Like little Crystal-Light-like tubs.

Its so awkward carrying Ziploc baggies and Cool-Whip containers full of protein powder, worrying theyre going to bust in your luggage... Bleh!

Iron Soul said...

You made me think of something. When you go to bodybuilding shows they hand out bags of free samples. Those would be great for on the road. I usually just eat them so they aren't laying around the house.