Thursday, July 17, 2008

Atheist Literature in the Waiting Area

Yesterday I found myself with some time to kill at one of Naval Base Kitsap's pass and ID offices. I have this habit that annoys my wife from time to time, where I find it impossible not to read something that is in front of me while I'm sitting around. I read cereal boxes over and over at breakfast or grocery store ads or Target receipts. So I was sitting in the waiting area flipping through mostly dull Navy magazines, when I discovered a fairly extensive set of American Atheist magazine in the rack. I have no idea who might have been responsible for getting the subscription there I was pretty happy. I'm used to hearing about the challenges of being and atheist in the military, primarily via the FFRF's Free Thought Radio podcast. I know the Northwest is supposed to be a very atheist friendly area, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see "a journal of atheist news and thought" on a military installation.


Herb said...

That's pretty interesting, indeed. Is the original recipient's address torn off or blacked out on the magazines? Many times the ones that are blacked out are still readable if you want to scrutinize them closely enough.

Iron Soul said...

I did check for an address, but there was nothing I could see. I did only check one of the magazines though.