Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Expelled Still Giving Me a Headache

I thought that I'd probably heard that last of Expelled. The DVD release was nothing more than a rumor, and I'd pretty much decided that I wouldn't have to watch it. Then one of Lori's old teachers saw it and put up a blog. Now I'm all worked up about it again.

I don't mind people having their opinions, but the ignorance and arrogance is disturbing. I have to say that Lori has been very cool in attempting to have a rational discussion with this guy. She sent him a link to expelled exposed. To his credit he at least clicked the link. He even seemingly read as far as the first half of the first paragraph. At that point he seemed unable to deal with the term 'anti-science propaganda' and gave up.

This is someone form Lori's past, so I don't feel like getting directly involved in the discussion. It has been amazing to see Lori exposing the errors in his thinking though. She isn't putting up with any of his distortions. Sadly, this guy is a text book true believer, so I doubt rational discussion will last too long.