Monday, July 13, 2009

Even More SDA Creationism

I was poking around the internet to see if I could find some info on the new pastor here when I came an interesting group working hard to destroy good biology instruction in Adventist Schools. I always thought I got pretty good education in the SDA system, in every area but biology. Hopefully their little petition (which the new pastor here signed) doesn't get much attention.

Not that the general conference needs any help focusing on creationism. Two articles in the latest Adventist World are devoted to focusing on literal biblical creationism. In addition to the links I posted earlier. This one is especially disturbing. It encourages parents to confront teachers and report them to the administration if they disagree with the things they teach. This could be ugly.

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Herb said...

Andy and I "got" to attend a series by David Asscherick a few years ago in LL. In a nutshell we were horrified. He is off the chart in his fundamentalist hardline conservatism and preaches all the corresponding rhetoric. We were stunned at how eager he was to attack everyone who didn't precisely share his same views: Catholics, Jews, Muslims, secular scholars, and the nonreligious in the general populace were obviously attacked, but then he went after other SDAs (like he does on this site) with a fervor, too.

I see the name of one of my wonderful undergrad biology professors being attacked on this site. Not surprising, yet still horrifying.