Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Atheism is Complete

So, for a shot time this weekend I thought there was a chance I had a serious medical condition. I had some indeterminate symptoms that could have indicated something serious or been nothing much at all. Fortunately, it appears to be nothing, but for a few minutes I found myself contemplating my mortality in ways more seriously than I've done before. I've done the normal mortality facing that happens when you are 30 years old. And the things you think about when you have kids, but this was a little more personal.

I was pleased to notice that not once did I fear for my soul. I wasn't afraid that maybe I was wrong and I'd end up in hell after all. I didn't worry that maybe I should try to get right with Jesus just in case. I didn't even feel the need to meditate and align my chakras. I didn't waste any calories thinking about any make believe magic stuff. I did think about my family and my hope and dream and goals in life. These are things that I consider important and useful. In fact the only time anything religious came to mind was when Lori told me that I'd better be okay because she didn't want to deal with all the people that would tell her "that is terrible . . . it's so sad he turned away from the Lord".

If anyone is curious, I was having lots of muscle pain and trouble using my hands. The closest it got to a serious condition was when I couldn't get my pants off to go to the bathroom. Had a blood test and the diagnosis was Rhabdomyolysis. I must have exerted myself too much at the gym this week. The other thing I'm proud of here - besides my lack of religious guilt - was my ability to combine my major themes of atheism and body building into one post.


Lori said...

Ha! You are so funny. I know how you feel. I spent a raining Sunday in a car thinking over some of those things. I decided that if something were to really be wrong that I wasn't going to mourn, pray for a miracle, or put the blame on anyone. I figured we'd dive into the network of people who already are facing the more serious illness and make the most out of time that would be left together. I want to live in the reality of now and not get stuck in a second rate reality based on the supernatural, superstitious, or dogmatic. Sigh. I'm glad everything is ok, honey. Sorry you were stuck with the kids so much this weekend. I'm sure it would have been easier if you felt better.

Just a passer-by said...

I congratulate you on your progress. But be careful.

Your atheism is not complete when you go through a crisis and don't consider getting right with Jesus. It is complete when someone you love dearly goes through a crisis and you don't consider getting right with Jesus.

Maybe you already have gone through such a crisis, and if you have, then my comment is useless.

Aaron said...

Any system that claims to have the answer to personal spirituality is wrong. Valuing the time and people we have while alive is it. That is it. There is nothing more.

Reverted said...

Aaron: superb, succinct comment!