Monday, June 20, 2011

Blog Reboot

It has been an appalling amount of time since I've posted anything.  The only thing this blog has been good for is collecting spam comments.  And it has been over three years since I had anything substantial to write about other than the occasional SDA clash with good science.  I sort of grew bored with that whole topic.  Not that it has gone away, I just lost my ability to care now that I have the appropriate time and distance from the source of my frustration. 

So, it was a few years ago that I though being a bodybuilder would be a fun thing to try, and I wrote a lot about that experience.  The "iron" part of Iron Soul.  My effort was good for a below average result, and I never really worked up the passion for another attempt to see if I could improve.  The gym rat part of my soul never withered away though. It is just much more fun without the extreme dieting, fake tan and speedos.

Starting last summer I was inspired by my Superstar Wife to try a new way to torture myself.  I faced down fear of swimming and got into the triathlon game.  I did two sprint distance events last summer, that I enjoyed a lot.  Now I'm trying to take it up an notch.  I signed up for the olympic distance at this year's ChelanMan.  

Life and weather have not cooperated in my training so far, but I had a good weekend where I swam a mile on Saturday and did a 25 mile - 4 mile bike/run day on Sunday.  That has given me confidence that I can complete the distance.  Don't know yet if I'll be able to turn in a time that will satisfy me, but so far even the training has been fun.  Looking forward to race day July 16.

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