Friday, September 19, 2008

Ron Numbers

A few weeks ago, Tim sent me a link to a Ron Numbers interview. I actually hadn't heard of Ron Numbers before. Tim explains:
Ron Numbers, who is a former Adventist and now a big name in
history and philosophy of science at the University of Wisconsin at
Madison. He has written a book on EGW that got him kicked out of LLU
then more recently the major work on the history of creationism. Both really
good. I enjoyed them anyway. His EGW book was just re-issued, and I
found this interview referenced in the context of a shorter one he gave
Spectrum recently.
The interview is excellent, mostly focusing on creationism in the U.S. but mentioning this EG White book as well. I may have to add that book to my list.

I was reminded of the interview when PZ posted that Ron Numbers was speaking tonight.

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