Tuesday, September 9, 2008

An Unfamiliar Side of the Discovery Institute

I'm an electrical engineer not a scientist. So, while I'm not overly qualified to argue evolution and cosmology, I try to do some civic duty by cultivating an interest in green energy. What specifically interests me is solar power and electric/plug-in hybrid vehicles. Naturally this article in the Seattle PI caught my attention. What I wasn't prepared for was the link to the Discovery Institute. (Seems I'm getting caught off guard a lot lately.) I'd never snooped around the DI site before. I thought I knew enough from their involvement in the Intelligent Design garbage. Now I'm worried that they are going to be putting some unscientific taint on conservationism. On the other hand they are based in Seattle, and there is the slightest chance that the Cascadia Center is legit. I'm skeptical, but I'll have to do some more looking around.

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Reverted said...

Yeah, I was shocked (alarmed, disappointed, ...) when I accidentally learned recently that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated substantial funds to the Discovery Institute. The funds are, at least, specifically limited to use for the Cascadia project---which seems (perhaps) to lend some legitimacy to it.

I honestly can't say I in any way trust the DI to actually abide by that restriction, though.