Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reverted has a New Post

Okay, I'm a few weeks late noticing, but Reverted is always worth a look when he posts something new.


Reverted said...

Thanks for the mention, Jeff. :)

I don't know if you looked this up or not, but Tim Minchin was interviewed on SGU a couple episodes ago, and this piece of his was specifically mentioned. Have a look. It's really good.


Look at more of his stuff on youtube, too. He's quite excellent. (I watched a lot of it, and enjoyed essentially all of it. Examples: Angry (Feet) and Peace Anthem For Palestine and If You Open Your Mind Too Much... and Inflatable You and Peace Anthem For Palestine and F Sharp and so forth. There's a lot there.)

Iron Soul said...

I did hear that interview. I'll have to check out the videos.

Reverted said...

Doh! I guess I put "Peace Anthem For Palestine" in there twice. (If I Didn't Have You was probably what I meant to include, instead of one of those. But, I don't remember for sure.)

Anyway, be sure to check out a bunch of his stuff. It's often entertaining in a humorously thought-provoking way. (e.g. this).