Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Blog as Motivation

I'm finally back to sort of a normal routine. After two weeks of business travel, a few days of vacation and some visitors for the weekend, the month of September was not a month of progress. I ate poorly. I exercised infrequently. Now I'm looking to get my groove back.

The good news is I got in contact with the promoter for the Empire Classic. The date is 26 April 2008. There is no novice class, so I'll have to loose a few more pounds to compete with the open light weight men. I still think I'll give this show a shot. The major drawback is that weigh-in is in the morning about 2 hours before prejudging rather than the night before. Less time to carb up. I guess I won't know one way or the other though since this will be my first time.

So, now that I'm pretty certain about the date of the contest, it is time for me to get serious about my research. I have a fast metabolism. A curse when I'm trying to put on weight, but it should work in my favor for the diet. The Diet. I terrified of the diet. I generally eat quality food, but I am useless when it comes to counting calories or even figuring out how many calories I should be eating.

The other problem is I'm not much of a meat eater. I can tolerate chicken, but my experiment with tuna the other day didn't go too well. For now I do okay getting my protein from vegetable sources, eggs and whey supplements. But I'm afraid the rice and beans I usually eat will have too many carbs once I'm getting down to the 6 week mark.

I suppose it will take a time or two to figure out what will work for me. So no matter what, once the holidays are over it will be goodbye beer and ice cream and hello oatmeal, brown rice and egg whites.


Lori said...

Take me with you!!!

ERV said...

Ive decided I need to get back into the swing of things after my bros wedding (this weekend). Ive been eating so much garbage lately.

... But Im going to keep the PopTarts. Arnie would hate me if I ditched those completely :P

Daniel said...

So, I'm totally interested in how the body building competition works. What are the weight classes? What do are you judged on? By who? What do you win? (I know - obviously besides self-respect . . . speaking of which, do you get to wear a speedo?)


Iron Soul said...

I think the weight classes vary. For novices they are 176 and under for light weight and over 176 for heavy. The open classification has more divisions. I think light weight (thats what I'm shooting for) tops out at 154. Mostly you are judged by the seven mandatory poses. I'm not sure who the judges are. Probably a lot of former competitors and trainers.

Daniel said...

Just remember. Don't be a Jay or Don . . . ;-)