Monday, February 11, 2008

11 Weeks

Once again a few days late on this week's post. I'm short on new information as well. As always, I have good excuse. This weekend the baby's cold turned out to be something slightly more serious and we spent a few days in the hospital. That is why I'm not sure of my weight this week and I don't have any pictures. I didn't do too much damage to the diet though. The hospital has a pretty good cafeteria. I even tried my very first steak. While it wasn't the most exciting thing, I think I prefer it to chicken.

I am slowly progressing on the hair removal. No major incidents so far, though early on I nearly removed a nipple. I really do look pale with out the hair though. I need to get serious about the tanning booth this week. I also need to get serious about posing practice. That part definitely needs some work.

Hopefully I'll have no more major life event for awhile and I can get into a rhythm. Time is running out.

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Heidi said...

Oh Jeff, sorry to hear about the baby. I hope he is feeling better and he wasn't too sick.