Thursday, February 7, 2008

Taking Action

This is a little off topic for this blog, but I guess it is my blog so I'll do it any way.

I was reading Pharyngula this morning, as I normally do noticed PZ had a post about something local. I guess Washington State has a bill on higher education working through the system. It has a line item about developing a procedure for students objecting to assignments that don't agree with their conscience. Maybe the spirit is not that bad, but is seems like trouble to me. Everybody can find something to object to.

Anyway, I was inspired a few days ago by Abbie's post about students taking action to defend science. While I have not been a student for awhile I still wanted to be a little active. So, I did write my senator, Derek Kilmer, who just happens to be the vice-chair of the Committee on Higher Education. Not much, but at least it is a start. Maybe it will be easier to get myself moving the next time.

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ERV said...

WHOO!!! Good job!

Jeeze that bill sounds terrible! "I dont believe in differential calculus! Gimme an A."