Monday, March 24, 2008

5 Weeks

The days keep dragging by, but slowly I'm making progress. Last week was kind of tough. My weight fluctuated up and down every even though I was eating good and working my ass off on the treadmill. I was starting to get a little stressed about it. Then the weekend came and Lori made me take off my shirt and pose for our guests again. The general consensus was that I did look leaner than a few weeks ago. That helped a little. Then today at the gym I ask my bodybuilder friend to check my conditioning. He says I'm on track so I guess I can de-stress a little bit. The last bit of good news was the scale finally told me what I wanted to hear. I've been about 162 for consecutive days, so I call that progress.

On the diet front, I've dropped my evening carb. Only been doing that for a few days, but it has been fine so far. Sundays have been consistently hard on me. I don't know why but I'm always hungry. I was wishing I had about 3 weeks to go instead of five this weekend. I've been fantasizing about bowls of raisin bran and pancakes with maple syrup.

In other news I sent off my application last week, and the tickets I'd ordered showed up today. I guess that means I'm committed. My goal for this week is to get my posing music selected and CDs burned.

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