Sunday, March 2, 2008

8 Weeks

I just can't seem to have perfect training week. I got the back strain rehabbed nicely, and was feeling good when I had a tanning accident. I don't know if this is typical, but the stand up beds at my gym seem to be much hotter than the regular beds. I've been tanning for just over a week now, and I thought I'd try the stand up because it is supposed to help even the tan out. I'd been doing ten minutes a session and thought that would be safe. Nope. I'm still a bit pink on the hips, but not enough to slow me down. I really dislike having to tan and I think I was trying to rush to get it over with. I guess I'll just have to slow down and pace myself.

I had a big cheat day this weekend and went out to Mexican food. Sadly, I think that is my last major cheat. I'll allow myself some smaller indulgences from time to time, but no more all out gorging.

I haven't had much weight loss this week. I'm still hovering between 168 and 169, but I'm definitely not lean enough. I'm starting to get the abs to poke through the belly fat a little which is encouraging. The arms still look really soft and there is more belly fat to get off too.

On the up side I'm feeling good about my posing practice. I don't have the endurance for all the mandatories at once yet, but my technique is improving. I'm even narrowing my list of songs to pose to. I'm thinking it will be something by Joe Satriani, but I'm going to go through my Steve Vai collection too.

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