Sunday, March 16, 2008

6 Weeks

One more no cheat weekend down, though I must confess to half a glass of beer. It was a tough one because we went out to eat Friday and the service was slow. I was starving by the time everyone else's appetizer nachos came out, but I had to wait for my chicken salad. The rest of the weekend was pretty easy after that.

I'm one the home stretch now, but it will be the hardest part because I know I can't eat anything bad. I also have to start planning to cut out my carbs and sodium. I really don't think I can eat enough chicken to have that be my only depletion protein, so I'm going to have to have some eggs too. They have higher sodium that I should be eating, but I hope I can get around that by being really clean with my other foods.

I've been trying to keep my cardio workout over 1 hour every day, but it is hard to find that much time and lift and eat too. My weight loss has been sort of slowing down. 163 today. I need to drop more than that. At least my definition seems to be improving. I'd never be able to keep this up if I didn't see some progress.

I feel like the posing is getting better too. Still need to work on my timing and endurance. I guess that is it. I have some of this weeks photos as well. We tried shooting from a lower angle hoping that it would make my legs look a little better.

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Tim said...

Ha. You can use that top picture with Jamie at his high-school graduation or something. He'll be mortified.

I think you should flex your buns a little harder.