Sunday, March 9, 2008

7 Weeks

Not much interesting this week in the gym. I maybe loosing a little bit of strength. I was struggling on the incline bench presses today. I was kind of worried all week because I wasn't loosing any weight, but today I was 164. Sunday is always low for me though. I go earlier in the day and I think I drink less water. I'm upping my cardio time to be safe.

I survived my first no-cheat weekend. That was kind of tough. When it comes carb drop time I may need to curtain my social schedule. It is the worst watching everyone else eat the treats.

Beyond that I'm just getting tips on my posing and practicing that when I can. Lori made me de-shirt and pose for some friends on Friday. They were at least polite enough to say I looked okay. The feed back I get from Brad at the gym is less inspiring, but more constructive. Posing does not come naturally to me. And it sure is tougher than it looks. I need lots of practice.

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