Sunday, April 20, 2008

1 Week

Just a few more days until I can be a normal person again. My friends and family are pretty much sick of me. Food is such an important part of most social gatherings, and I haven't really participated in that part of it for about 6 weeks now. But more than the food part I've been pretty low energy most evenings. Last night I left early to go to bed. Fortunately I made it through the last social week end before my show, so hopefully I'll be more fun to have around the next time I get to hang out.

Yesterday morning I went to the Emerald Cup, to see Brad my friend/mentor compete. The Emerald Cup is the biggest show in the region and there were lots of quality competitors. Brad has usually owned his weight class at the there, but there were two other guys who were in amazing shape. I haven't heard how he did yet. The expo was great too. I came away with a bag full of free samples. That alone was worth the price of admission.

Seeing a real show again was definitely inspiring. I'm very excited for my own competition now. I managed to pick up a few tips on the posing and get some advice on my last few days of dieting. I came home and worked on a few things with my posing before bed. I felt really good about it for once. I'm usually discouraged after posing. The key may be the lighting. I posed in a different room with less intense direct light from in front.

I'm a little concerned about my weight again. I'm stuck at 153.5 lbs. I'll make my weight class, but I need to drop a little lower if I'm going to carb up. I think the water drop will take care of that. I had some carbs yesterday too, and didn't do cardio so dropping the carbs and some more cardio sessions should get me back on track.

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