Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 Weeks

Once again I'm a few days late with this week's post. I should just make my goal to post on Tuesday then I'd be free from guilt. Any way this weekend was Jamie's 1st birthday, so there were lots of guest staying with us and a party and party food. Saturday was a tough day to stay on the diet. I've also noticed that I'm fighting some irritability lately in addition to some noticeable energy drain. I kind of tore into Lori for wanting to make brownies Sunday night. In my defense she was taunting me just a little bit. Still, I'm over all a little touchy especially about forbidden food.

Dropped a few pounds again over the last week. I'm in the 157 range now and have been for a few days so it should be legit. I need to start getting the water out though. In the next few days I'll be switching to distilled water for drinking and I had the last of my multi-vitamins this weekend. I should be cutting the lunch time carbs by the weekend as well.

An item of interest: my wedding ring doesn't fit well any more. It fell off in the shower this afternoon. Didn't think I had fat fingers before.

Also got a few words of support from the owner of my gym. That was nice. He also said I can expect to grow like crazy once I start eating extra calories again. He thinks the first contest diet is as good as steroids for gaining some mass. I'm excited by that idea.

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