Thursday, April 10, 2008

Teaching to Learn

We took Jamie to the zoo Friday as part of the celebration of his first birthday. He has always enjoyed animals and seemed to have a great time. His favorite part was the aquarium where he could get right up next to the glass where the sharks and things passed by really close. It was exciting for me to see him so enthralled. Even though he is young, I'm very motivated to make sure that he has lots of opportunities to experience and enjoy the educational resources we have access to.

My parents and elementary school did a pretty good job of giving me chances to visit zoos, aquariums, and museum despite the fact that we lived pretty far away. I hope Lori and I can do even better for Jamie, since we are located in an area with lots of opportunities. Part of my personal philosophy on parenting, is to do my best to raise a well rounded and educated kid. I think frequent positive experiences with our educational/scientific resources is the best way to produce a love of learning and critical thinking. At this point all Jamie can do is point and squeak at the fish in the tank, but soon he will have questions to be answered. I can't imagine a more fulfilling feeling than seeing him curious about animal at the zoo or an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center; wanting to know more than I or the plaque on the cage can tell him and following up with a trip to the library for more research.

I don't know yet if Jamie will be that kind of kid, but he has the potential. I intend to do my best to encourage that curiosity in him. We'll be back to the zoo before long I'm sure, and to the Seattle Aquarium when the weather get wet again. After he is a little older there is the children's museum, the science center, the EMP and the Museum of Flight maybe we'll get to Sea World some day too. Sounds like fun to me.

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