Monday, April 28, 2008

It is Good to Eat

I have been eating completely with complete lack of restraint for the first time since Xmas, and it has been wonderful. I started with Thai food right after pre-judge. Finished the evening after the night show with Pizza Hut. Then pancakes for breakfast and party food with a beer in the afternoon. The only things I'm haven't indulged in are Mexican food and ice cream.

I know some people were worried that I'd have GI tract difficulties once I started eating regular food again. I was never worried based on talking to other competitors. And true to my instincts I've had nothing but joy in my reckless eating. JalapeƱo poppers, BBQ, pizza no problems. The only problem is the fear that I won't be able to stop the binge. I've told myself that I won't worry about my diet much for the next 3 weeks until I'm back from vacation (cruise link), but I don't want to have gained back 30 lbs. either. I'm hoping to stay within 25 lbs of bantam weight until I figure out my future plan. So unless I'm packing on the muscle I need to be in the 170 lb. ball park. I know I've put on at least 15 lbs. since Saturday morning, but I hope the next few come a little slower.

One horribly depressing side effect of eating again. . . My abs are gone already. I'm crushed. I was hoping they'd be around for at least a week or two. Hard to take.


Lori said...

If I didn't know better, I'd say I was a reading a blog from a pregnant woman.

Iron Soul said...

I can't believe how much I crave sugar. I must still be replenishing my glycogen stores.