Monday, January 28, 2008

13 weeks

This last weeks was pretty much shot as far as being strict to the diet and the lifting. Too many little chores that come with getting a new house. Extra errands and paper work and such. I did manage to keep up the cardio training, but the diet slipped a few times and I missed the gym once. I found that walking outside is way more fun than a treadmill. I knew that of course, but I'd forgotten how much difference it makes. I hate the treadmill.

I did a little research on posing this week. I'm considering taking a class, since I'm a rookie and a completely uncoordinated white boy. (If I was graceful and athletic I might have found a sport other than weight lifting that I could do.) I may get by with lots of practice and some tips from the guys at the gym, we'll see. The part that has me the most worried is the individual routine with music. Of course that part doesn't have much to do with your scoring, but I don't really want to look like a stiff at the night show either. I'll need something since I lack the outgoing crowd pleasing charisma that some guys have.

Next week I hope to have some new photos. Maybe there will be evidence of progress.

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