Monday, January 21, 2008

14 Weeks

First the Excuses. . . No pictures again because we are homeless still, and I haven't had time to set the laptop up to manage photos. I know it is a mac and should be easy, I just haven't done it.

Everything else is going well I think. I had a major cheat day on Saturday, pizza and ice cream. It was great and no adverse effects. I'm also becoming a better cook. I'm a rookie at the carnivorous diet so I've been experimenting. My discoveries will probably seem obvious to those more experienced, but it has been exciting for me. I'm pretty sure I'll never eat boiled chicken again. I tried hard for awhile, but I've discovered that pan fried is so much better that I can't go back. Once we have a house again I'll breakout the grill which should be good as well. I've also learned that the $8/lb free range chicken tastes better than the cheap stuff. I'm telling myself that it is more nutritious as well. Makes spending the money easier.

The other exciting thing is I'm starting to feel leaner. Probably just my imagination, but I thought I saw some signs of emerging cuts in the mirror. Results sure are good for the motivation. The scale said 176lb this afternoon. That is good. Slow and steady weight loss is what I'm hoping for.

The weight loss is creating an interesting mental struggle for me. If I'm not losing weight I'm worried I'm not dieting right. If I am gaining weight it goes against everything I've worked for for the last 10 years. I'm curious to see what this might develop into. Maybe a good question for some more experienced bodybuilders.

Last thing. I took the plunge and removed my body hair above the waist. So far it isn't too bad and not that much to keep up with. I'm still getting used to how it looks though. With my pale skin I think it makes me look softer. It maybe about time to look in to the tanning bed.

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