Thursday, January 3, 2008

16 Weeks

This is the post I have been dreading. Sixteen weeks until the Empire Classic. It is time to get serious about this bodybuilding thing. I've begun easing into my diet now that the holidays are over. I figure that I have a few weeks to figure out what I'm doing before it becomes critical. I'm also just starting my cardio program as well. So far I'm walking for about 20 minutes on my lunch break at work. Next week I'll be adding some treadmill time after my workout. Maybe three days a weeks to see what happens.

The word has gotten around that I'm planning to enter a spring show, so I have some level of accountability to keep me on track. My keep checking in with my training status. That is pretty good motivation. But now is the time to go all the way. That's right . . . the humbling before pictures.

Here I am in all my pasty, pale, hairy, flabby glory. Hopefully the posing and photography skill will progress inversely with my body fat percentage.

Double Front Bicep

Front Lat Spread

Side Chest

Rear Lats

The rest of the details: 5' 8" about 180 lbs. and 12-15% body fat.

I was planning to wait a few weeks until I got a little leaner to work on posing, but from the looks of things I could use the practice.

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Tim said...

Well, here's one photography tip: Direct flash lighting is never flattering. It could help to soften and bounce it, but you'd really be best served by using the light from a large open window. At least for portraiture, I don't know what people look for in muscle pictures.